Sunday, September 6, 2009

Look Out Below

Waterfall Tee Dress:
Ruby Boutique
Skirt(under dress): Thrifted
Bodysuit(under dress): Thrifted
Jazz Shoes: Thrifted

In the time that I haven't posted, I have waved my teens away and stumbled upon the twenties.
On the 29th of August I turned 20. I have very mixed feelings about this. In one way I am sad to not be a teenager anymore.
In another way I realise it is just a number.

I don't have to suddenly stop being the same person. I don't have to stop laughing at immature jokes, enjoy laying in the grass and watching the clouds or suddenly shun Mary Poppins.
I am still the same person I was when I was nineteen and I'm glad that I'll never truly grow up in my heart even if when I look in the mirror I'm growing up.

I had the most wonderful birthday from the moment I opened my eyes to bunches of flowers outside my door, to a quaint beach picnic on a wharf, to pizza with amazing company, to almost peeing my pants laughing at the theatres improv night, that too many of my friends and I invaded.
I'm not so much of a party girl so I traded the usual grog fest for something that was more my style and I couldn't have more of a wonderful day!

I wanted this birthday to be so special. I even bought this terribly overpriced dress for the occasion. It was perfect.
I am so lucky!