Sunday, September 6, 2009

Look Out Below

Waterfall Tee Dress:
Ruby Boutique
Skirt(under dress): Thrifted
Bodysuit(under dress): Thrifted
Jazz Shoes: Thrifted

In the time that I haven't posted, I have waved my teens away and stumbled upon the twenties.
On the 29th of August I turned 20. I have very mixed feelings about this. In one way I am sad to not be a teenager anymore.
In another way I realise it is just a number.

I don't have to suddenly stop being the same person. I don't have to stop laughing at immature jokes, enjoy laying in the grass and watching the clouds or suddenly shun Mary Poppins.
I am still the same person I was when I was nineteen and I'm glad that I'll never truly grow up in my heart even if when I look in the mirror I'm growing up.

I had the most wonderful birthday from the moment I opened my eyes to bunches of flowers outside my door, to a quaint beach picnic on a wharf, to pizza with amazing company, to almost peeing my pants laughing at the theatres improv night, that too many of my friends and I invaded.
I'm not so much of a party girl so I traded the usual grog fest for something that was more my style and I couldn't have more of a wonderful day!

I wanted this birthday to be so special. I even bought this terribly overpriced dress for the occasion. It was perfect.
I am so lucky!


  1. I love both outfits but especially the peach top. It reminds me of a 1920's dress that I saw on Etsy and now might have to buy.

    Based on experience, your 20's are going to be much more fun than your teens.

  2. aww, i adore your blog! can't believe I just found it! :o)

  3. Happy birthday - your dress is lovely! I also turn 20 this year and am a little scared. :)

  4. I adore the 6 pic!!

    Happy birthday..!

  5. such lovely pictures! really adore the outfit.
    happy birthday :)

  6. Love the lights in the pictures! Sweet<3

  7. Happy Birthday!! I your photos -- that picture of the duck is just beautiful!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love that pastel pink dress with the itty bitty detachable-looking skirt, PRECIOUS!

    i'm 24 and i'm pretty sure that i'm not grown up! lol. i dunno, i'm mature and responsible but have this idea that i'll always be young at heart. who want' to be a grown up anyway?? like you said, it's just a number. your spirit is what really matters! :)

  9. beautiful photos!
    i love your blog!! ♥


  10. Happy birthday! Your dress is lovely, as is your blog! I adore the background image and your photography xx

  11. Ohmygosh. I think I just stumbled across a person that is slightly amazing =X

    I am NOT looking forward to ageing (I shall not use the term 'growing up' because I believe I never will), but 20 IS just a number. You are still beautiful, stylish and have your whole life ahead of you. But of course you put that all much better than I did. Happy belated birthday! :D

  12. i love the photos! you're pretty!

  13. these photos are soo pretty! I love your look :)

  14. You look so gorgeous! I love all of these photos as well... they are lovely! :)

  15. Well happy birthday to you..
    Wazjig?! I never heard of it before, but it sounds really intresting. Your dress is cute + I added you on my follwing list.

  16. Im in love with ur light pink shirt.

    One Love,

  17. Gorgeous outfit.
    love the shirt ;)))


  18. wow - this pictures are beautiful! I love the hem on the pale pink dress. And the water looks so stunning...incredibly blue.

    Congrats on entering the 20's! I'm sure you'll love them.


  19. I'm excited about the Lovely Bones film too! Veronika decides to die has just recently been made into a film as well, you def have to read it!

    I saw that Ruby dress the other day, it's so pretty :-) looks great on you.

    oh and Happy belated birthday!

  20. Happy birthday and gorgeous photos!

    Love Grace.

  21. welcome to your 20s!! and happy birthday! that little flower in your hair is so great !and your perfectly romantic top is perfection!!!!! xo

  22. This pictures are so beautiful! Happy late birthday. I'm really loving your T-shirt dress

  23. Hi! Yes, I live in Fredericksburg and it was the same antique store! What a crazy coincidence! What were you doing in my little town? ;)

    And thank you so much for the com(pli)ment!

  24. happy late bday, 20 is a goodie!

    love your birthday outfit, the ruffles are pretty pretty

    jess s//

  25. just came across your blog... it's always exciting to find a fellow NZ blogger. Love the dress!

  26. Beautiful pictures !

  27. Happy birthday! And I'm so thrilled that you're blogging again. :)

  28. im crazy in love with that dress! its so unique and beautiful!

  29. lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other?