Thursday, August 27, 2009

In all this chaos, we found safety.

Dress: Keiko Lynn
60's Lucite Bag: Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
70's Brogues: Thrifted

I was so excited when this package, from the ever beautiful Keiko Lynn, landed on my doorstep. Before she sold it I remember saving the picture of it to my 'inspiration folder' and dreaming of finding something just like it. Lucky for me she soon after put it up for sale, with the most adorable pair of brogues, that I'm sure will make an appearance on here soon.

The bag is one of my favourite finds so far!
The line to the counter never moved so slow as I spotted it, just to find out it was 'on hold' Thankfully I got taken aside and was told they really don't like the lady it was on hold for and had just had an argument over the price with her. She said give me $6 ($4 US) for it and it's yours! A bit of a scurry later, as she made me hide it, so that they lady wouldn't come back, most probably attempt to beat me for it and I finally own a 1960's white marbled Lucite bag.
Super duper!

When so many bloggers are excitedly humming about the prospect of winter, all that is on my mind is sunshine, summer dresses and the possibility of ditching the tights this year.
Summer is just around the corner for me and I can hardly wait!
There has been so much inspiration, from bloggers, that I have been saving up to be able to crack out and now I finally can.
Lets just help this sunshine keeps up!


  1. oh dear what an amazing dress! Plus the sun rays are perfect.

  2. I agree, you look just adorable! :D

  3. Hahahahahaha, that is a really funny story about the purse! You lucked out that she is such a grouch!

  4. Yay another new zealand blogger :)

  5. Aw, thankyou.
    I am in love with that dress!

    PS. Summer? I'm in Australia, but I looove New Zealand.

  6. i want that dress. so beautiful.

  7. That's the cutest peterpan collar dress! I love it :) Love all your vintage dresses, there was this edwardian floral one you had on trademe a while back, and I wanted it so baaddd but sadly it wasn't my size :(

    How do you make your vintage/thrifted dresses fit so well btw? Do you take them in/shorten?

  8. Your shots are so enchanting!

    Love Grace.

  9. I'm so super pleased to have found this blog. It's adorable. I love the dress, so much! I love that you also have an inspiration folder too - it makes me feel less geeky.

  10. ahh that dress is adorable! your photos are so free and real, love them! I have an inspiration folder too, well folders.....

  11. looove these photos! What a cute dress :)

  12. these are absolutely adorable! i can completely understand why you would have saved this to your inspiration folder, cause thats where its going for me now! :)

  13. Hey Ayesha! Love the new blog! It's so cute and very very you! And this dress is perfffeccct!! I've just gotten back into blogging again.. let's hope it lasts this time! xox

  14. one of the cutest dresses i've seen! so saving to my folder right now!