Monday, August 24, 2009

It's like staring into the eyes of a duck.

Peter pan collar dress: Borrowed, but thrifted.

My wonderful friend Raya, who is most likely to soon join me in the blogging world,
surprised me last week with an early birthday present!

Not only is it the most darling floppy eared elephant in the world,
it is also a floral floppy eared elephant!

I have added it to my decrepit & loved toy collection,
although it really only fits into the latter category.
I shall show you the rest of them, maybe I could make it a weekly feature!
Although some of them have been so loved they are falling to bits.

Which brings me to my dilemma, shouldn't such well loved wee creatures have names?
Before you rule it out, I'm actually a HUGE fan of puns and ill fitting names.
'Jeff', that I pick simply because I love how it doesn't suit a soft toy,
is just not cutting it anymore.

Any ideas blogging world?


  1. Haha, thanks!
    I like Stevie for a bunny and Annelies for anything! (I love tat name!)
    I know what you mean with the Jeff thing, I named my favourite teddy-bear Harold.

  2. I love giving toys old man names -alfred, charles, Lloyd, Malcolm Smith Snr.

    I love your dress

  3. Whatever you are wearing, I love it! Darling picture too ^_^

  4. Love that dress! The elephant is adorable. I'm not very creative with names...I'd probably just call it Ellie the Elephant or something hehe

  5. Cute dress, so very pretty. Lovely picture. <3
    I like the name Clarence-Derril (:
    I called my favourite little toy bunny, Gerald.

  6. Aww wow that collar is the sweetest! I'm so sorry I only just wandered over to your new blog now! I'll have to catch up on what I've missed!
    Hmm I would probably name him Beans or Pickle. I name all my stuffed animals after food!

  7. I so appreciate your Black Books reference. :)