Sunday, September 6, 2009

Look Out Below

Waterfall Tee Dress:
Ruby Boutique
Skirt(under dress): Thrifted
Bodysuit(under dress): Thrifted
Jazz Shoes: Thrifted

In the time that I haven't posted, I have waved my teens away and stumbled upon the twenties.
On the 29th of August I turned 20. I have very mixed feelings about this. In one way I am sad to not be a teenager anymore.
In another way I realise it is just a number.

I don't have to suddenly stop being the same person. I don't have to stop laughing at immature jokes, enjoy laying in the grass and watching the clouds or suddenly shun Mary Poppins.
I am still the same person I was when I was nineteen and I'm glad that I'll never truly grow up in my heart even if when I look in the mirror I'm growing up.

I had the most wonderful birthday from the moment I opened my eyes to bunches of flowers outside my door, to a quaint beach picnic on a wharf, to pizza with amazing company, to almost peeing my pants laughing at the theatres improv night, that too many of my friends and I invaded.
I'm not so much of a party girl so I traded the usual grog fest for something that was more my style and I couldn't have more of a wonderful day!

I wanted this birthday to be so special. I even bought this terribly overpriced dress for the occasion. It was perfect.
I am so lucky!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In all this chaos, we found safety.

Dress: Keiko Lynn
60's Lucite Bag: Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
70's Brogues: Thrifted

I was so excited when this package, from the ever beautiful Keiko Lynn, landed on my doorstep. Before she sold it I remember saving the picture of it to my 'inspiration folder' and dreaming of finding something just like it. Lucky for me she soon after put it up for sale, with the most adorable pair of brogues, that I'm sure will make an appearance on here soon.

The bag is one of my favourite finds so far!
The line to the counter never moved so slow as I spotted it, just to find out it was 'on hold' Thankfully I got taken aside and was told they really don't like the lady it was on hold for and had just had an argument over the price with her. She said give me $6 ($4 US) for it and it's yours! A bit of a scurry later, as she made me hide it, so that they lady wouldn't come back, most probably attempt to beat me for it and I finally own a 1960's white marbled Lucite bag.
Super duper!

When so many bloggers are excitedly humming about the prospect of winter, all that is on my mind is sunshine, summer dresses and the possibility of ditching the tights this year.
Summer is just around the corner for me and I can hardly wait!
There has been so much inspiration, from bloggers, that I have been saving up to be able to crack out and now I finally can.
Lets just help this sunshine keeps up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's like staring into the eyes of a duck.

Peter pan collar dress: Borrowed, but thrifted.

My wonderful friend Raya, who is most likely to soon join me in the blogging world,
surprised me last week with an early birthday present!

Not only is it the most darling floppy eared elephant in the world,
it is also a floral floppy eared elephant!

I have added it to my decrepit & loved toy collection,
although it really only fits into the latter category.
I shall show you the rest of them, maybe I could make it a weekly feature!
Although some of them have been so loved they are falling to bits.

Which brings me to my dilemma, shouldn't such well loved wee creatures have names?
Before you rule it out, I'm actually a HUGE fan of puns and ill fitting names.
'Jeff', that I pick simply because I love how it doesn't suit a soft toy,
is just not cutting it anymore.

Any ideas blogging world?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road..

A new blog, a new life and a brand spanking new camera to capture it all with.
I can't wait to make blogging a daily part of my life and try to give back even 1% as much inspiration as other bloggers have given me over the years!

I'm a very impatient person.
This was the first thing I ever successfully made on a sewing machine.
Sewing just really wasn't made for me, with my sisters old plastic machine.
Somehow I scored a great deal with a big ole' metal machine, that can put up with being hit and verbally abused under my breath.

I present to you, and to myself my 'Wizard of Oz' print Miu Miu inspired skirt!
I actually completed a project.

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